Tired resort needs millions of pounds

PARTS of Felixstowe's seafront and town centre are looking “rather tired” and will benefit hugely if the resort can gain millions of pounds for its regeneration.

PARTS of Felixstowe's sea front and town centre are looking “rather tired” and will benefit hugely if the resort can gain millions of pounds for its regeneration, it was claimed today.

Chamber of Trade chairman Peter Dawes said the town was facing a future of great opportunity with preliminary work taking place on a number of ideas for projects and funding.

He said: “The masterplan for Felixstowe aims to tackle big issues here. There's the impetus and the money to do it, but when you are aiming big then that can raise big concerns, too.

“And that means that the consultation process will take some time - and that's the right thing.

“I think the main concerns are the areas around the leisure centre and The Triangle up in town.

“Both are looking rather tired and both have great potential.

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“In the end, it's about making Felixstowe a better place to come and do business.”

Consultants have drawn up a series of potential projects for the town - aimed at combating the neglect the resort has suffered through the lack of investment in the past 20 years, and smartening up some of its main areas.

As well as new attractions, there is a need for better links between the town and sea front to encourage visitors to enjoy both.

Mr Dawes said the work of the Felixstowe and Trimleys Peninsula Futures Group was vital.

“It is purely looking at the regeneration and tourism and making it a better place to come, whether for a day, a week or a weekend,” he said.

“They commissioned us to do a survey of Hamilton Road and the outcome of that is, albeit with caveats attached, Hamilton Road will become pedestrianised, and that was the majority of chamber members' points of view.

“I firmly believe Hamilton Road cannot stay as it is - it's an accident waiting to happen and I think pedestrianisation is the right decision.”

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