Toddler airlifted to hospital in pool table drama

A toddler had to be airlifted to hospital after a pool table fell on her head.

Ken McErlain

A toddler had to be airlifted to hospital after a pool table fell on her head.

Stunned villagers in Shotley came out of their homes and watched as the three-year-old was taken onboard the air ambulance yesterday afternoon.

Crews were called to a home in Kingsland at 12.47pm and the youngster was airlifted to Ipswich Hospital having suffered a head injury.

It's believed the incident happened inside the girl's home and was caused by a mini pool table falling on her head.

Rebecca George, a spokeswoman for the Air Ambulance, said: “The crew was called to attend a three year old girl who was injured when a pool table fell on her.

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“The crew were able to administer pain relief and fly her to hospital at Ipswich in three minutes.”

A spokesperson for the Suffolk Ambulance said: “Crews were called to a private address in Shotley at 12.47pm on Tuesday.

“They tended to a young girl who had suffered a head injury and the girl was later flown to hospital.”

A nearby resident who asked not to be identified said: “The pilot landed right in the middle of the green.

“Lots of people came out of their homes to see what was going on and there was lots of gossip but nobody knew exactly what was happening.

“I saw the pilot come out of the helicopter and walk a short distance down the road.

“I could make out a child on a stretcher being taken by the ambulance crews on to the helicopter.

“It all happened very quickly. Within ten minutes or so the helicopter took off. It's normally pretty quiet round here so this was a bit of shock to the system.”

Another neighbour added: “Half the village must have come out to see the helicopter land.

“There were people taking pictures and trying to work out what was going on.

“We gathered round and could see somebody being taken on board but it was difficult to make out what was happening.

“To hear that a young child has been injured is pretty horrible. I really hope that's she ok.”