'The first call I got was for Star Wars' - Suffolk stuntman's movie career

Adam Basil in costume on set for Game of Thrones and Artemis Fowl

Adam has worked on films and TV shows including Artemis Fowl and Game of Thrones - Credit: Adam Basil

From Suffolk stages to doubling for Tom Hardy - Adam Basil learnt his trade in Ipswich and it's taken him all over the world. 

Adam moved to Ipswich from Aldeburgh when he was 19 and started training to be a stuntman. 

He wasn't sure what it would take or if he would make it - but the dream was there. 

It would take an application to join the British Stunt Register on probation, which asked for a high standard of discipline in six different sports. To upgrade to membership status, he needed to prove he'd done a minimum of 60 days of on-camera stunt work. 

And he felt like he'd made it in 2012, when all the training paid off and he got that first booking. 

He said: "One of the first calls I got was for Star Wars. Straight in at the deep end, they just told me to go ahead and pick up the light sabre. 

"I'd learned plenty of skills in my training but nothing that specific, I didn't know what I was meant to do with that. 

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"But the work never really stopped after that. I've worked on the Avengers, Game of Thrones, Beauty and the Beast. I did some stunts for the latest James Bond and was the stunt double for Venom in 2018 and in the new film coming out. 

"I'm 6ft4 so I think the directors had been looking for bigger guys to do the stunts for these actors playing heroes - and there's not many stunt men bigger than me!" 

He's got a range of stunt experience, from driving in Bridget Jones' Baby to those epic choreographed fights in Gangs of London, but describes the superhero brawls of the Netflix show Jupiter's Legacy as his "biggest stunts". 

And he's being seen more and more. His next big screen appearance is in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which was filmed at the end of 2019 and the start of 2020 in London. He's credited as the stunt double for the Venom character, working closely with star of the film Tom Hardy. 

But while many of Adam's projects have been filmed in London, his job can take him all over the world - something that he's incredibly grateful for. 

He said: "It's really exciting, really special. Coming from Suffolk, I'd travelled a little bit before but nothing like what I get to do now. I'm very lucky to get to work like I do. 

"I'm about to head off to Europe to work on the new Indiana Jones movie and it's still a real buzz. 

"From performing in theatres in Suffolk to these huge sets and locations - I'm lucky, it's a great time."