Tory Story -new Ipswich MP gets Lego treatment

IPSWICH: He’s only been the town’s MP for a couple of weeks, but already Ben Gummer is proving to be a Lego-end across the constituency.

A new website has appeared recording the adventures of “Blinky Ben MP” with the tagline: “Because in Ipswich no job is too small.”

Blinky Ben MP is a bright blue Lego figure with ginger hair and glasses – there is no doubt who he is supposed to be!

But the town’s new MP has no quarrel with Blinky Ben MP’s creators.

Mr Gummer said: “I think it’s very funny. You have to have sense of humour in public life and this is very amusing.

“I’m a bit worried that someone has rather too much time on their hands!”

The Lego figures have been taken all over the town – from the hospital, to Chantry High School, the Waterfront, the railway station and the Willis building.

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Who is behind Blinky Ben MP is a mystery – The Evening Star contacted him through his Twitter page, but only got the slightly curious reply: “Ben’s not sure about talking directly to the press . . . perhaps Ben could answer some questions via e-mail?”

But when we told him he was going to make his debut in the paper he replied: “Blinky Ben MP might like to read about himself in Friday’s Evening Star.” So enjoy the spread Blinky!

His appearances have got other politicians in Ipswich scratching their heads.

I was alerted to him by Labour councillor Alastair Ross who sent me a link to his Twitter site.

Mr Ross said: “I have no idea who is behind this – I think it may be something to do with college students but I don’t know for certain.

“I was at the Waterfront market where that picture was taken – I didn’t see anything. I’d like to know who was behind it to congratulate them!”

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