Tot's terror after bike attack

LITTLE Brayli Peet has today been left terrified after biker yobs knocked him down and ran over his head in an Ipswich park.

LITTLE Brayli Peet has today been left terrified after biker yobs knocked him down and ran over his head in an Ipswich park.

The three-year-old was left with blood gushing from a head wound inches away from his eye, after being knocked to the ground in Gippeswyk Park.

The toddler's outraged mother and grandmother have condemned those responsible for the incident.

Brayli refuses to sleep in his own bed since the incident at the end of last month in Gippeswyk Park and is too scared to ride the bicycle bought for him as a Christmas present.

His worried mum Stacey said: “He has really bad nightmares and has to sleep in my bed most nights.

“We have to walk to Christchurch Park now because he won't go back to where it happened.”

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After the frightening incident Brayli was taken to hospital where doctors applied adhesive skin closure strips to a gash on his head. He was also left with two peddle marks above his eye and cuts to his arms and legs.

His grandmother, Julie Peet said: “We had been having a really good day playing in the park until then.

It really terrified him.”

“I can't see how it could have been an accident.”

Stacey said her son has been left so fearful of bikes that he instinctively jumps behind her for safety when one rides by.

The 22-year-old, of Kelly Road, Ipswich thanked two onlookers who helped at the scene, saying: “A man working on the railway shouted at the lads after he saw what happened but he was behind a fence and unable to do anything.

“A lady helped me push the buggies carrying my other children. I'd like to thank both of them again.”

Suffolk Police were called to the scene following the incident and have arranged to visit Stacey today.

A police spokeswoman said officers would determine whether the collision was caused deliberately and could therefore be considered an assault.

Any witnesses to the incident, which happened shortly after 1pm on Friday, July 31, are asked to call Suffolk Police on 01473 613 500.

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Stacey was walking alongside her son on an otherwise quiet afternoon in the park when the incident happened.

They had been joined by Brayli's grandmother Julie Peet and her other four-year-old daughter for a picnic but their enjoyment was ruined when they were approached by two teenager boys on bikes.

“They were riding on the path coming towards us at some speed,” recalls Julie, who said one of the boys swerved into Brayli's path.

“Within seconds he was on the ground with one of them riding over his head.

“My daughter's reaction was to grab Brayli, whose head was pouring with blood. Had it been any nearer his eye he would have lost it.”

Julie said the pair then rode off claiming it was the youngster's fault for being in the way.