Town street hit by violence

A MAN today told how he was attacked outside his Ipswich home during a night of violence and mayhem which ended with a car being torched.

A MAN today told how he was attacked outside his Ipswich home during a night of violence and mayhem which ended with a car being torched.

Police were called to quell trouble which broke out in Cavendish Street involving around a dozen people.

Residents said it was a frightening sight with one man appearing to be knocked unconscious, while others were punched and kicked.

Marcin Kielbasa was set upon when he returned home from a party after receiving a phone call telling him the glass in his front door had been smashed.

Mr Kielbasa was left dazed by the attack which occurred as he told people he was ringing the police.

The 28-year-old said: “I asked my friends what was going on and they said they didn't know. Someone attacked me from behind. They hit me on the head and I fell over. There were a lot of people and I didn't see who attacked me.”

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An eye witness, who asked not to be named, said: "It was absolutely horrendous. They were roaring and shouting. Later they started chasing a bloke and beating him up right outside my house."

Another neighbour, Tatjana Leilich, 18, saw the fighting from her bedroom window.

She said: “Someone was pushed over a wall and he looked unconscious. His friends carried him away.”

A few hours later she was awoken by the loud cracking of glass being broken as flames shot out of a Silver Renault Laguna parked outside. She said: “I looked out the window and saw they burned the car.”

Police were despatched to deal with the fighting, which broke out just before 11.10pm on Saturday.

Lou Rosher, a spokeswoman for Ipswich police, confirmed officers were called to a fight in the street involving at least eight men.

She said a second bout of brawling broke out half an hour later, believed to have been caused by Mr Kielbasa's door being damaged.

Trouble erupted again three hours after that, when the Renault was set alight.

An eye-witness said: "I ran out of the front and I saw fire shooting from a car. One of the men has a silver car and there were flames coming out of it.

"I was really worried that it would explode and this is such a narrow street it could have been awful. You could feel the full force of the flames. Everyone came out of their houses to see what was going on. I have never felt so panicky in the whole of my life - it was so scary."

Police said no one has been arrested or treated for any injuries.

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