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PUBLISHED: 14:37 18 August 2001 | UPDATED: 10:26 03 March 2010

TODAY is an eagerly awaited day for all Ipswich Town fans with the start of the new Premiership season.

And none more so than for the club's top supporter … Tractor Boy.

TODAY is an eagerly awaited day for all Ipswich Town fans with the start of the new Premiership season.

And none more so than for the club's top supporter … Tractor Boy.

Just hours before the big kick off he gave an exclusive interview to the Evening Star's reporter GEORGINA JAMES who was today travelling with the Blue and White army to the Stadium of Light in Sunderland for this afternoon's match.

TRACTOR boy has at finally arrived in Suffolk.

But where has he been hiding is a mystery.

His astonishing rise to celebrity status is no surprise, and judging by the size of his shoulders – he is well equipped to deal with his new found fame.

Already a big hit in Ipswich, he has caught the imagination of supporters of all ages and has already been spotted outside Portman Road as well as meeting the fans in Ipswich town centre.

In preparation for the start of the new season, Tractor Boy has had a gruelling schedule and over the next few weeks he will be doing a mini tour, turning up in places where you least expect him!

He will also be outside Portman Road at every home game, "furrowly" supporting the Tractor Boys Premiership campaign as well as their long awaited return to Europe.

Although his workload is as high as a haystack he took time out for the question and answer session.


FULL NAME: Tractor Boy

BIRTHDATE: 29-02-1944. AGE: 14 (born in a leap year)


HEIGHT: 7ft 3ins.

WEIGHT: 17st 3lbs.

COLOUR OF EYES: Hazel brown.


FIRST JOB: Helping dad on the farm, also an Evening Star paperboy.

FIRST LOVE: My blue tractor because it didn't want anything in return! Also the Super Blues


FAMILY: Mum: Missey Ferguson, Dad: Massey Ferguson and my older adopted brother John Deere.

LIVES: Suffolk, but my tractor is kept at my parents on the outskirts of Ipswich.

NEWSPAPERS/ MAGAZINES: The Evening Star, Tractor Monthly.

FAVOURITE FOODS: Straw, cereal, diary food.

WORST FOOD: I don't like greens.

DO YOU COOK?: I do try and have a go, Straw soup is my speciality.

FAVOURITE DRINK: Tractor Boys Beer made by Tolly Cobbold

TOP TV PROGRAMME: Used to be Emmerdale Farm before they dropped the farm, Soccer AM. I watch these at my friend's house.

PROGRAMMES TO SWITCH OFF: How to cook with Delia Smith … she's a Norwich fan.

PETS: A pet rat and a few thousand cows and sheep.

MUSICAL TASTES: The Pitch Invaders (my own CD) and the Wurzels.

BEST FILM WATCHED: Blues into Europe season 2000/01 from ITFC.

TOP ACTOR: Worzel Gummidge.

TOP ACTRESS: Aunt Sally.





CONTRACTED TO: Ipswich (Evening Star).

DO YOU HAVE ANY PREMATCH SUPERSTITIONS: I just make sure I keep my head together.


MECHANICS: Me and my dad.

DO YOU SPEND MUCH TIME IN THE WORKSHOP: Oh yes, I used to almost live in there at one time, but hopefully not this year as I've just taken on a full time mechanic.

SPONSOR(S): Evening Star, McDonald's, Tolly Cobbold, but I am available for other local gigs.

FAVOURITE FOOTBALL GROUND: Portman Road and Plough Lane, Wimbledon.

WORST GROUND: Not welcome at Carrow Road.

FAVOURITE MASCOT: Bluey, Crazee The Horse and Cyril the Swan from Swansea.


WORST MATCH: Play Offs 1999.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Losing my Tractor in Ipswich at the park and ride. There were thousands of vehicles parked in neat rows and it took me hours to find mine.

WHAT IS YOUR AMBITION: To meet Bluey and Crazee at Portman Road.

TOP 5 BLUES PLAYERS: Paul Cooper, Matt Holland, Arnold Muhren, Kevin Beattie, George Burley


FAVOURITE SAYINGS: 'Ploughing up the Premiership' and 'Come On You Blues'

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON YOUR IMAGE: I think it's improving, I have helped put Suffolk on the map and I will also continue to follow Ipswich Town Football Club.

HAS TV COVERAGE MADE A DIFFERENCE TO FOOTBALL: I have not got a TV so I catch up with the blues by reading reports in the Evening Star and Green Un (this should give me a pay rise).

ARE REFEREES CONSISTANT: No, I think they should have video replays available.

THOUGHTS ON PITCH PREPARATION: Not bad in general, I do prefer more dirt, but everyone is different.

HOW HAS FOOTBALL CHANGED IN THE LAST 5 YEARS: More expensive, it has moved with the times, more professional outlook and more championships to go for (watch out for my Tractor Boy in Europe goodies).


IDEAL NIGHT IN/OUT: Sit at home, read my Star, then head down to the local pub for a beer!

DO YOU HAVE TIME FOR A NORMAL SOCIAL LIFE: Not until after the harvest.

FAVOURITE KIND OF CLOTHES: Football shirt, shorts and straw hat.

IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY JACKPOT WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT: See all my family and friends "alright", get the best tractor available, buy some fields, save some and then go spoil myself with some of the things that we all want- cars, holidays, turnips etc...

ARE YOU ABLE TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR "OLD" FRIENDS: All of my good friends are still with me and support me, so yes I'm lucky.

FAVOURITE KIND OF PEOPLE: Easy going, happy and funny.

LEAST FAVOURITE: Rude, arrogant and bigheaded!


HOBBIES/ INTERESTS: Football, tractors.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TECHNOLOGY: Depends what it relates too, now everything is about the PC, which I'm not very good with … but you can email me at

HOW DO YOU RELAX: No time to relax with the farm and all the PR work.

WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH: The price of carrots in supermarkets.

DISLIKES: Cars on the road.

PHOBIAS: Sweetcorn and peas on the same plate.

FAVOURITE POSSESSIONS: Ah probably my tractor and my Tractor Boy mug.

WHAT DO YOU WISH FOR IN LIFE: Obviously health and happiness and my new Euro Tractor Boy CD going to No 1.

WHO WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO MEET: David Sheepshanks. WHAT WOULD YOU ASK HIM? Why are carrots so expensive in supermarkets

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Caring, laid back, motivated and happy.

AMBITIONS FOR 2001/02: To meet as many people as possible and to see Ipswich Town win the UEFA Cup.

N See Georgina James's report on her day with the fans and all the news from the match in Monday's special football coverage in the Star's Premier Blues section.

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