Anger at 'death trap' road in Pinewood

Suffolk county councillor Christopher Hudson has called Belmont Road in Pinewood a "death trap"

Suffolk county councillor Christopher Hudson has called for action on Belmont Road in Pinewood and labelled it a "death trap" - Credit: Google Street View/Simon Lee

A road in Pinewood has been blasted as a "death trap" amid growing calls to crackdown on speeding cars. 

Suffolk county councillor Christopher Hudson said Belmont Road with its big hill is "lethal" as drivers speed up while driving down it at more than the 30mph limit.

He claimed along with these speeding concerns, residents have to combat a "seriously deteriorated" road surface. 

"It really is a death trap waiting to happen," he added, "Pinewood wants to get in an ANPR system to prevent accidents."

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras already tackle speeding hot spots across the county.

Chairman of Pinewood Parish Council Adrian Rust claims around 90,000 vehicles pass through Belmont Road a week - with many of them speeding. 

He said the council has been raising the issue with the police and the county council, which is responsible for local highways, in the last few months but has yet to take action on this issue.

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"People are worried for their lives and what is worse there doesn't seem like anyone is bothered to do anything about it," Mr Rust added.

"In addition, it's a steep hill, which causes drivers to speed up and drivers keep getting caught by it."

Mr Rust also wants an ANPR camera, a 30mph speed indicator device, more signage and a crackdown on people speeding. 

He also said the road needs resurfacing to make it safer for drivers on the "bendy" road. 

Safety improvements in Belmont Road have been called for over the years. 

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said: "Following a carriageway inspection in September, there were no highway defects found. In recent years to highlight the bend in the road, a permanent vehicle-activated slow down warning sign was installed and still remains.

"A series of reflective bollards were also installed around the bend.

"This location is in a 30mph speed limit zone. If speed is a factor, this should be reported to Suffolk Police."

Suffolk police's roads policing inspectors were not aware of any reports.

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