7 of the worst places in Ipswich for traffic delays

The A14 between Claydon and Copdock will close overnight for two months

Nobody likes sitting in traffic - so we have put together a list of the roads which are notorious for long queues - Credit: Gregg Brown

As the roads get busier following the end of most coronavirus restrictions, traffic is starting to build up on Ipswich roads - but where are the worst pinch points to avoid?

A12 Copdock interchange 

Notorious for both early morning and evening rush hour traffic, the roundabout is known to cause delays for commuters and people on a planned day out. 

The A14 and Copdock Interchange, shot using a drone on Sunday afternoon. Picture: ALEXANDER SMITH

There is always rush hour traffic at the Copdock interchange - Credit: Picture: ALEXANDER SMITH

Queues often build up to the London Road slip road on the A12, causing delays of more than 20 minutes. 

The slow traffic lights at the Interchange do not help matters either, allowing large queues to build up on either side of the roundabout. 

Orwell Bridge

Although the normal speed limit is 60mph, the Orwell Bridge can be subjected to temporary 40mph speed limits during high winds.

The speed limit came in place in May to help preventing shutting the bridge when there are strong winds, above 50mph.

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Previously, the bridge would have to close entirely - often for hours at a time, causing major traffic problems across the rest of Ipswich and costing the local economy dearly.

A ladder is in the road on the A14 just before the Orwell Bridge

Delays are often seen on the Orwell Bridge - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

While extra time is needed during periods of lower speed limits, it is much more preferable to the previous closures.


The build up to the Holiday Inn and Suffolk One crossroads can often lead to delays, with several sets of slow traffic lights and a large congestion of vehicles. 

Queues are often seen on the A1214 as well, due to the many adjoining roads.

It is often best to leave a little bit earlier if you are planning on passing through the crossroads. 

Wherstead Road

A main road into the town centre and the A14, this normally gets clogged up with everyday traffic. 

A collision involving a bus and a cyclist is causing delays in Wherstead Road. Picture: GOOGLE

Wherstead Road is an area to avoid where possible at busy times - Credit: Archant

Since being built, there have been many new developments built nearby which have added to the overall level of traffic

Commuters are recommended to leave extra time to get to work if their journey includes Wherstead Road. 

Woodbridge Road East 

Situated near Ipswich Hospital, Woodbridge Road East is often a route to avoid at busy times. 

With two roundabouts close together, motorists often experience delays - with jams at Colchester Road and Spring Road adding to the delays. 

Norwich Road

This is one of Ipswich's busiest roads leading into the the town centre. 

Studded with traffic lights, it can cause real delays for people travelling along the road. 

Traffic in Norwich Road

Norwich Road is one of Ipswich's busiest routes - Credit: Paul Geater

The double roundabout in Norwich Road can cause chaos at rush hour times. 

Foxhall Road 

Leading from the A12, Foxhall Road is often plagued with traffic. 

With many housing estates built around the road, delays are often seen early in the morning. 

Due to the good road layout, the road very rarely comes to a complete stop but delays are common.  

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