Speed limit sign work on Orwell Bridge to start

The issue of Orwell Bridge closures in high winds was raised by MP Tom Hunt in Parliament. Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Work on the Orwell Bridge will start on Monday - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Long-anticipated work to introduce new temporary speed limits on the Orwell Bridge - which will allow the bridge to stay safely open more often during high winds - will begin tomorrow.

The installation of new electronic signs to display speed limits, which can be changed depending on the wind speed, starts on Monday and is expected to last seven weeks. 

Currently, the speed limit for traffic travelling over the bridge is 60mph and is lowered to 50mph during high winds. However, the new system will see the limit dropped to 40mph when wind speeds are between 45-60mph.

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The upgrades are part of a series of measures being taken to improve the resilience of the Orwell Bridge and the £1.7million project is backed by the findings from a year-long aerodynamic study of the bridge by City University of London.

At key stages, the work will require complete closures or a reduction to the number of traffic lanes open.

The A14 eastbound from junction 55 to junction 58 will be closed overnight from 9pm to 5am for five nights, from March 1 to 5.

The A14 westbound will also be closed from junction 58 to junction 55 overnight from 9pm to 5am for five nights, from March 8 to 12.