New barrier set to replace planters in Ipswich after drivers ignore closure

Jovian Way planters

The barriers at Jovian Way are set to be strengthened later this week. - Credit: Paul Geater

Steps are being taken to strengthen the traffic barrier in an Ipswich street after drivers were pictured swerving over pavements to avoid planters.

Suffolk County Council is due to install more extensive planters in Jovian Way within the next few days - and in the meantime a baton has been put on the pavement to prevent cars and vans from going around the barrier.

The planters were installed last week to close Jovian Way as a through route.

The road was recently built to service new homes on Saturn Road and Jovian Way itself.

However, some drivers have been using it as a rat-run to avoid the often-busy Sproughton Road - and with the new Aldi supermarket opening on Europa Way there were fears this could make the small streets very dangerous.

After consulting with local residents and finding most wanted the road blocked off, the planters were put in last week - only for drivers to be photographed avoiding them.

Now the council is set to strengthen them.

A Suffolk spokeswoman said: “It is very disappointing to see vehicles mounting the footpath to gain access through Jovian Way in Ipswich. This is extremely dangerous and illegal.

A DHL delivery van dodges the planters

A DHL delivery van appears to drive around planters designed to close Jovian Way, Ipswich to traffic - Credit: Dale MacDonald

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“Later this week additional planters are being installed to stop further anti-social behaviour from motorists.

“We would like to remind motorists that the road closure has been put in place for a trial period to stop unnecessary through traffic and to create more space for pedestrians and cyclists. Access for motorised vehicles is currently prohibited."

Members of the public can comment on the workings of the trial by completing the survey at

The closure is temporary at this stage while the county looks at the reaction - but Jovian Way was built with traffic calming in an attempt to put off through traffic.