Suffolk student dreams up tube map of Ipswich

Suffolk coastal tube map, including Ipswich, Snape, Woodbridge, Harwich and Felixstowe

The suggested lines sprawl out from Ipswich into the countryside and surrounding towns - Credit: Frankie Freeland

A Suffolk sixth former has mapped out what he thinks an underground tube network through Ipswich could look like.

The hypothetical tube map covers 127 miles in total, from Snape Maltings in the north down to Dovercourt in the south, and features lines named after East Anglian rivers such as the Orwell, Deben and Stour.

The map's designer, Frankie Freeland, 17, from Woodbridge, first sketched out his design on paper before creating a digital version in the style of London's famous tube map.

He said: "I honestly can't remember what inspired me to make the map. I come up with unusual ideas and things like this quite a lot and sometimes I have some free time and decide to see them though."

Tube map for Ipswich, Harwich, and South Suffolk

The theoretical Greater Ipswich tube system stretches from Harwich in the south to Snape Maltings in the North - Credit: Frankie Freeland

"I'm definitely not some kind of expert or train fanatic, I just had this idea and wanted to see what it might look like."

A hand drawn tube map of Ipswich, including the Stour, Orwell and Deben Estuaries, and Felixstowe, Kesgrave and Woodbridge

Frankie's first attempt at designing the Ipswich Tube network - Credit: Frankie Freeland

Mr Freeland said his favourite theoretical station was called Christchurch. 

He said: "I have this idea that part of Christchurch Mansion could be converted into a station, however if this were to really happen this would probably be controversial as the mansion is a large piece of local history and people would be worried about it being ruined by the new station.

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"Another favourite of mine is the Farlingaye Station in Woodbridge, named after the school in that area.

"I imagine children would be able to use the network to get to school, cutting down on the amount of people driving.

"There are three schools quite close together there so the station would probably get quite a lot of use."

The hypothetical railway network covers a total of 127 miles, almost exactly half that of the 250 mile London underground.

"The Deben Line would stretch for about 15 miles from Debach to Bawdsey," he said. 

"For comparison the Northern Line in London is over double that at 36 miles. The Stour Line would be around 24 miles long going from Felixstowe to Harwich, round to Manningtree and up to Ipswich."

Mr Freeland added that none of his lines would come close to the length of the Piccadilly line — London's longest at 71 miles.

Tube map TFL london underground

The London underground is far larger than the proposed Ipswich network - Credit: Transport for London