Long journey to get traffic calming measures installed at key Bentley roads

Bentley Parish Council

Bentley Parish Council installed traffic calming measures on Bergholt and Station Roads - Credit: Bentley Parish Council

Two years of hard work has finally paid off for Bentley Parish Council which has installed traffic calming measures in the village. 

The new Speed Indicator Device (SID) was purchased for £2,500 thanks to the parish and Suffolk County Council and installed by two councillors.

Michael Bamford and Damion Schumacher put their general handyman skills to good use by putting up the SID and speed poles to warn speeding drivers going more than 30mph on Bergholt and Station Roads. 

Mr Schumacher said: "We installed it ourselves. It was remarkably easy."

The parish councillor added that there are some speeding issues in the village, which is close to the A12, A137 and one of the major thoroughfares on the Shotley Peninsula. 

He explained the parish will be responsible for the batteries and SID and will be working with their Community Speed Watch team to see if the locations are the best ones for the village. 

Bentley Parish Council

Bentley parish councillors Damion Schumacher and Michael Bamford - Credit: Bentley Parish Council