Motorists stuck on A14 after Orwell Bridge closure 'started walking dogs'

A person walks their dog on the A14

People walked their dogs on the A14 after being stuck in traffic for hours - Credit: Rebecca Mansbridge

A woman has spoken of her experience of being trapped on the A14 for hours after the Orwell Bridge closed on Saturday. 

Rebecca Mansbridge, from Sudbury, was stuck on the road from 5.30pm until she was turned around by police more than two hours later. 

A man in his 30s was arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance following the incident, which saw the bridge closed for more than four hours. 

Both carriageways finally re-opened around 9.30pm. 

People walking on the A14 after being stuck in traffic

People walked to the Shell petrol station for some refreshments - Credit: Rebecca Mansbridge

Mrs Mansbridge said: "We got there a little before 5.30pm and were told - from motorists driving past in the opposite direction between the two lines of traffic - about the turning around about 7.40pm. 

"It was challenging getting any details about what was happening. After about an hour-and-a-half, an overhead traffic sign finally illuminated with a message 'Traffic held for incident'.  

"We did searches on our phones and there was not a lot of info. In truth, the place we got the updates was the EADT posting. That is what kept us up to date with what was happening.

"We were just very pleased when they finally turned us around and let us leave and in fact we encountered no delays getting through Ipswich."

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Mrs Mansbridge said despite the traffic difficulties, the atmosphere was good among those stuck on the carriageway. 

"Lots of people were getting out and having a chat with people from other cars," she said.

"Where I was parked the service station was in sight so lots of people were strolling to the service station.

"When I went there, they were doing very good business there and were very happy. There was lots of joking with them about how well they were doing.

"Lots of people started walking their dogs. One man climbed onto the top of his van and laid down on it joking about getting a tan. So it was a good atmosphere really."

Drivers stuck on the A14 after the Orwell Bridge closure

Motorists were stuck for several hours following the bridge closure - Credit: Rebecca Mansbridge

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Suffolk police said: "Police were called to the scene at 4:50pm on Saturday, August 7, and the road was closed for more than four hours, re-opening at around 9:30pm.

"Following the incident, a man in 30s was arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance. He has been taken to Martlesham Police Investigation Centre where he will be questioned by officers."