Tragic families demand law change

IF anyone has suffered at the hands of a drink-driver, it is the Peak family.

IF anyone has suffered at the hands of a drink-driver, it is the Peak family.

Amanda and Phil's lives have been torn apart by footballer Luke McCormick, who took to the wheel when he was over the limit and killed their two young sons, Arron and Ben.

The collision in June also left Phil Peak in a wheelchair with horrific injuries which are still having seismic repercussions five months on.

Just last week, the 37-year-old suffered a stroke caused by medication to treat a clot in his battered lungs.

But they have mustered the resolve to back our campaign to name and shame motorists as they bid to get harsher penalties for drink-driving.

Mrs Peak, 31, from Manchester, said: “I hope campaigns like this will get the law changed.

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“Drink-driving is not published enough. Unless it is a celebrity, it is pushed to one side.

“It needs to be kept in the public domain. Even if it is an everyday Joe Bloggs, it will make people think.”

She was speaking after the government announced it was looking to lower the legal alcohol limit, a move that she described as too little, too late.

She added: “If you kill while you are drink-driving, you are killing with a deadly weapon. It should be manslaughter rather than dangerous driving.

“The laws in this country stink. The government doesn't give a monkey's what goes on.”

Speaking about her husband's stroke, Mrs Peak added: “Phil isn't right at the moment. It is just another thing we have to deal with.

“We have to hope for the best. You have to get on with things or you end up screaming and cracking up.

“It is not just the family that suffers, it goes beyond that. Everybody who knew our boys - the school and the community - is affected by it.”

McCormick, a Plymouth Argyle goalkeeper, was jailed for seven years in October after admitting causing death by dangerous driving.

Family friend Philip Bennett and his sons, Luke, 15 and Jaxon, eight, were also in the car when McCormick crashed into them.

Mr Bennett, 49, sustained serious back injuries and nerve damage, while his wife, Lisa, and their children have also been left traumatised by the Peak boys' deaths.

Mrs Bennett, 37, said: “People should be doing all they can to raise awareness of drink-driving so we can get the law changed.

“The name and shame campaign is a brilliant idea. If people think they are going to get their picture in the paper, it might put them off.”

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