Woman spotted crossing railway tracks at Ipswich station

Ipswich Railway Station Picture: ARCHANT

Ipswich Railway Station Picture: ARCHANT

A woman reportedly seen crossing the tracks at a train station has sparked a fresh safety warning about the dangers of railway trespassing.


The British Transport Police (BTP) Tweeted shortly after midnight on Wednesday, August 15 that officers had attended Ipswich station “following a report of a female allegedly crossing the tracks between the platforms”.

Officers added: “This is not only really dangerous but also causes unnecessary delays and disruption.”

The warning follows a similar alert made by the BTP last week, when officers were called to Derby Road station in Ipswich at 7.19pm on Tuesday, August 7 to reports of children playing on the tracks.

On that occasion, BTP East Anglia officers Tweeted: “The railway is full of hidden dangers. The risk of being killed or seriously injured is high.”

In a bid to reduce the number of trespassing cases, BTP and Network Rail have launched a campaign designed to educate people about the risks of railways.

The campaign, called You vs Train, is particularly aimed at teenagers who are statistically more likely to trespass.

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Using the stories of real youngsters such as Tom Crosby, who was 14 when he suffered life changing injuries after receiving a 25,000 volt electric shock while playing on the tracks, the You vs Train campaign aims to make people face the real consequences and dangers of trespassing, and reduce the likelihood of other teenagers doing the same.

Robin Smith, BTP assistant chief constable, said at the launch of the campaign: “We hope the You vs Train campaign will help young people to understand the risks, and help them to make the right decision and stay away from railway lines. Equally, it will also help them understand that bad decisions don’t just affect them, but they will have a deep and lasting impact on their families and friends as well.”

A spokesman for the BTP added: “Trespassing can easily result in death or life-changing injuries - which is why we have also recently launched a joint initiative with the rail industry called You vs Train.

“This campaign encourages teenagers, in particular, to consider these potentially serious and devastating consequences, and just dangerous the railway really is.”

For more information about the campaign, which is also going to be taught in schools visit www.YouVsTrain.co.uk

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