Triangle canopy idea is shaping up nicely

PART of The Triangle in Felixstowe is to be covered by a huge canopy – to create a sort of modern-day bandstand.

It will probably come as a surprise to hear that – it came as a surprise to most of the town council.

Quite a few members feel they have been left out of the loop on the changes to the town centre and along with the public have not been consulted fully.

Traders, as we all know, have been unhappy, too.

It seems a shame this scheme, organised by something called the shared space project board, which is chaired by councillor Colin Hart from Hacheston (who refused to comment on the controversy or even defend the scheme when the Evening Star rang him to ask about traders’ concerns), has not been run from Felixstowe with the town’s full backing.

Back to the canopy.

When the toilets are pulled down after the new ones open in Crescent car park, the area will be flattened and resurfaced.

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The aim is to create an open-air performance area as a nice central focus for the town instead of a block of loos – somewhere bands can play, jugglers and other street entertainers can show off their skills, and impromptu theatre can take place.

The canopy – we are told – will ensure this can take place in all weathers.

Deputy leader of Suffolk Coastal Andy Smith assures us it will look very attractive but was unable to show an artist’s impression. All I could find was earlier versions of the vision, though we are now looking at something much more bland and cheaper.

I think it sounds a nice idea – I just cannot imagine what it will look like.