Tributes paid to crash victim, 10

TRIBUTES have been paid to a “fun-loving” 10-year-old girl who died after being hit by a car yards from her home.

TRIBUTES have been paid to a “fun-loving” 10-year-old girl who died after being hit by a car yards from her home.

Joanne Dockett was injured on Byron Road, Ipswich, after she walked out from behind a bus into the path of an oncoming car on Saturday, August 2. She suffered serious head injuries and was taken to Ipswich Hospital before being transferred by air ambulance to Addenbrookes Hospital.

But, following almost a week at the hospital, Joanne died peacefully on Friday with her parents by her bedside.

Ann Taylor, headteacher at Whitton Community Primary School where Joanne attended, said she was a joy to know and teach.

“Joanne was a delightful child, always friendly and very willing to join in and help in school. She loved all kinds of activities and especially being on our school allotment where she spent many happy hours,” she said.

“She had so enjoyed a picnic on the farm that we are linked with on her last day in school. She was a fun-loving little girl, very friendly and popular. She enjoyed a joke and her personality sparked. A great many will miss her, she was a joy to know and teach. Our hearts go out to the family, and we know everyone will want to support and help them."

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Following the collision Michelle Allen, 30, from Byron Road, and Tracey Sinkovits, 40, from nearby Shakespeare Road, fought to help Joanne by holding towels to her head before the ambulance arrived.

Miss Allen, who wants to launch a petition to get speed bumps on Byron Road, said she was devastated when told of Joanne's death. “The whole street is upset, it is horrible. It is just really upsetting because you try and do what you can at the time and then to hear that she has passed away is very sad,” she said. “You just start to think that if only I had done this or that but at the end of the day there is nothing else that I could have done. I just helped as much before the ambulance came.”

Miss Allen said she spoke to Joanne's family yesterdayto pass on her condolences. She also said that she wanted to let the family grieve before launching a petition for speed bumps on Byron Road.

“We have needed speed bumps here for years. I have been here for three years and in that time it has got a lot worse. At all times of the day it is dreadful, the cars and buses are going to fast.”

Mrs Sinkovits also said she was devastated. “I could not stop shaking when I found out and to be honest I cannot stop thinking about the little girl. At the time we thought that she was going to be okay once the ambulance arrived and rushed her to hospital. People are very saddened by it.”

A funeral will be held at St Mary and St Botolph Church in Whitton in due course. A friend of the family wanted to thank everyone for their flowers and support.