Trimley: Smokie’s purr-fectly fine!

CURIOSITY killed the cat is an old saying – but for the moggies of Trimley it could come true.

The villages’ pets need to paws for thought before they go exploring and using up their nine lives because they seem very fond of outhouses, sheds and garages.

Last month, Tamba the cat was returned to her owners after being trapped in a summerhouse for five weeks.

And now another puss is also lucky to be alive after being found locked in a shed.

Now it is being looked after by Whitworth vets in Trimley St Mary, who are desperate to find its owners so they can be reunited.

Wendy Scrivener, the practice manager at the vets in Station Yard, off Station Road, said the grey and white male neutered adult cat – christened Smokie by staff – had been taken to the surgery after being found in a shed at a house in the Faulkeners Way area.

He was painfully thin, and injured – after getting his leg caught in his collar.

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A vet has operated on him and it is hoped he will be fully fit again very soon.

“It was a very nasty wound,” she said.

“He had no name tag on his collar and no ID microchip but someone will be missing him and we would love to be able to return him to his owners.

“He is very sweet, a lovely little cat, and still quite thin.”

It is not known how long he might have been locked in the shed or what he might have found to eat and drink to survive his ordeal.

Cats though are determined and resourceful survivors – as Tamba, owned by Lorraine Cook, 41, of Craig Close, Trimley St Martin, proved when she went missing for five weeks, getting herself stuck inside a neighbour’s summerhouse.

Mrs Cook had a theory how her pet kept alive.

“I would imagine she maybe licked condensation off the windows,” she said.

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