Trimley: Smokie still waiting to be reunited with his owners

OWNERS of a cat which was lost and locked in a shed for weeks have today still not come forward.

The grey and white male neutered adult cat – christened Smokie by his rescuers – is recovering from a nasty wound he suffered while trapped and has had more stitches to try to solve the problem.

He was found in a shed at a house in the Faulkeners Way area of Trimley St Mary and taken to Whitworth vets, where he is currently being cared for.

Staff at the practice in Station Yard, off Station Road, are still hoping Smokie’s owners will be found.

“It would be really nice if we could trace them – he is well-cared for cat, has been neutered and had a collar and was obviously loved and was someone’s pet,” said practice manager Wendy Scrivener.

It is not known how long he might have been locked in the shed or what he might have found to eat and drink to survive his ordeal. He was painfully thin, and injured when found – after getting his leg caught in his collar.

He was given an operation and is now due to have some more stitches because the wound has not properly closed yet.

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If Smokie’s owners don’t come forward, once he is fully fit he will go to the Cat Protection League, which is paying his vet bills, to be found a new home.

? Anyone recognising Smokie or who knows his owners should get in touch with Whitworth vets on 01394 271112.

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