Trimley St Martin: Biker insists he is fine after accident

We are alright! That was the message today from a biker who has been inundated with calls from friends following reports that he and his partner had broken their legs in a dramatic crash on his trike.

However, Roger Spurgeon, 64, today claimed that the minor collision actually happened when the throttle on the trike he was riding got stuck and caused it to speed out of control and crash into a parked car.

Mr Spurgeon and his girlfriend Netty Upson, 59, who was his passenger, suffered bruising to their legs –but no breaks as had been originally reported by the emergency services.

The accident happened in the car park of the Trimley Sports and Social Club where the couple were attending a charity event hosted by the 4Fs motorcycle club.

Mr Spurgeon had been at the event with Miss Upson for the weekend and was leaving to go home when the collision happened.

Some skin was torn off his right leg and he suffered bad bruising while Miss Upson suffered cuts and bruising to her right leg.

Mr Spurgeon, a truck driver, said: “My leg was stuck underneath the car and I really thought it was broken.

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“I was coming out of the event to go home and the throttle got stuck and it picked up speed which was pretty frightening – there was just nowhere to go.”

The 4Fs hold the charity event, which raises money for Lea Clarke who suffers from multiple health problems, every year and after hearing what happened some members of the group rushed outside to help the couple until an ambulance arrived.

Mr Spurgeon issued a heartfelt thanks to the members who came to their aid.

He said: “Members of the 4Fs came out and helped us.

“They were really good to us and I want to thank them for their help.”

Despite the damage caused to Mr Spurgeon’s legs, he was back at work within a couple of days and has vowed not to let the accident stop him riding his trike.

“It’s just one of those things,” he said.

“I have been motorbiking for 47 years and I have had so many fun times. It’s a lovely life out in the open flats – I enjoy it. I’ve just got to put it behind me.”

The trike is being repaired.

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