Trimleys: Formal complaint is issued in row over election posters

TRIMLEY: A former councillor has lodged an official complaint following a row about her election posters, it emerged today.

Sherrie Green, who ran as a independent after she was not selected by the Conservative party, was told her placards needed to carry official details of who published them – and then they were mysteriously torn down.

Mrs Green, who lost out in her race to keep her seat for the Trimleys with Kirton ward, said she had no idea who took down the posters.

“I put up several posters for my campaign and I spent about �150 getting them done,” she said.

“What harm did they do and why are they so worried about one independent councillor?

“Why were they so frightened? What was it that I was doing wrong?

“There seemed to be more concern about the posters themselves rather than the removal of them.”

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Under the rules of the election, materials must have an imprint which says who a leaflet or poster was produced by.

Mrs Green said she had made a formal complaint to Suffolk Coastal District Council about the vandalism of her posters and is hoping the authority will investigate.

During the election campaign, the council offered advice to Mrs Green about the lack of publication details on the posters following a complaint from Geoff Holdcroft, chairman of the Suffolk Coastal Conservative Association.

A council spokesman said: “Mr and Mrs Green were informed that they could remove the posters or add the legally required information on to the posters that had already been put up.”

Mr Holdcroft said he complained because the posters were on public land.

He said if accusations were levelled at the Conservatives for tearing down the posters he would look into them.

“I take this job seriously and if evidence is brought forward the matter will be taken seriously,” said Mr Holdcroft.

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