Triple wedding joy for family

FROM invitations and bouquets, to confetti and cakes - every wedding requirement had to be ordered not once, not twice, but three times over for one Ipswich family.

By Tracey Sparling

FROM invitations and bouquets, to confetti and cakes - every wedding requirement had to be ordered not once, not twice, but three times over for one Ipswich family.

The Seggers from Foxhall Road have had a busy time, as all three of their sons got married within the space of just seven months.

Paul Segger, 36, married Sue Tyler at Mendlesham Church, with a reception at The Brome Grange Hotel, on October 28.

His brother Colin, 33, married Mandy Laughlin at Swallow Belstead Brook Hotel on April 7.

Baby of the family Neil, 30, married Nikki Warrington at Westerfield House, on May 5.

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Their proud dad Dave said their mum Dianne had to have a new outfit for each.

He said: “Of course she did! They did all the organising themselves, not like the old fashioned way where the parents do everything. We just gave them money to help them out!”

All the boys had left the family home in Foxhall Road before their weddings, to set up their own homes.

Nevertheless, Dave, a self employed roofer said it had been a very busy time, with weekends getting booked up fast, preparing for, and attending the happy occasions.

Paul and Sue from Glebe Way, Mendlesham, spent their honeymoon at Ross-on-Wye, Colin and Mandy from Lagonda Drive, Ipswich enjoyed a honeymoon at Center Parcs in Cumbria, and Neil and Nikki from Martinet Green, Ravenswood, are due back from the Maldives next week.

Dave and Dianne could never have predicted all three of their boys would have got married within such quick succession.

Dave said: “We thought the eldest might get married, but we didn't think Colin would ever have a girlfriend because he was so into his sport! He's calmed down a bit now and given all that up.”

With all the new members of the family, Dave, 60, can be forgiven for the odd slip up. He said: “I do get the names mixed up sometimes - I did end up calling Nikki 'Mandy' round the dinner table!”

Dave and Dianne must be wondering if the next thing to look forward to will be grandchildren - and will they come in threes too?

Paul is dad to Samuel, 14, and Kelsey, 11, from a previous relationship, and now only time will tell if more grandchildren come along for the Seggers, Sue's parents Bob and Theresa Tyler of Gladstone Road, Ipswich, Mandy's parents Rob and Jan Laughlin from Hawthorne Drive, Ipswich, and Nikki's mum Lesley and stepfather Graham from St Albans Road, Ipswich and her dad Dave .


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