TV boost in bid to quash conviction

AN Ipswich man protesting his innocence after nearly five years in prison for murder has had his case featured on television.

AN Ipswich man protesting his innocence after nearly five years in prison for murder has had his case featured on television.

Legal TV interviewed the family and solicitor of Simon Hall, 30, who was sentenced to life in prison in February 2003 for the murder of Joan Albert.

Mrs Albert, 79, was found stabbed to death at her home in Boydlands, Capel St Mary, in December 2001.

Hall has always protested his innocence and his family have campaigned tirelessly for his release, previously appearing on a BBC Rough Justice programme.

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This week the case was featured on Legal TV's Innocent programme, broadcast on Sunday and Monday .

Vijay Gulwani, of the channel's programme development team, said Hall's case was brought to their attention by a previous subject, Michael O'Brien.

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Mr O'Brien was freed in 1999 after being wrongly imprisoned for more than 11 years for the murder of Philip Saunders in a Cardiff newsagents.

Mr Gulwani said: “There is a very tight network between people who have been through a miscarriage of justice.

“They are all in touch with each other, offering support and advice, and Simon's name was mentioned several times, so we decided to feature him.”

Hall's solicitor, Campbell Malone, who is gaining recognition as a leading figure in the fight against miscarriages of justice, said anything that keeps the case in the public eye is encouraging.

However, he said: “Ultimately it will be the court of appeal that decides whether or not Simon's case was wrongly decided on.

“And it will be up to the Criminal Cases Reviews Commission (CRCC) to decide if there are grounds to refer the case back to the court of appeal.

“The TV programme will not affect that decision but it is a huge encouragement to Simon and his supporters.

“They (CRCC) are investigating it very actively but I do not expect we will be getting a decision this year.”

Legal TV is a station dedicated to legal matters and is available on SKY channel 186.

The programmes featuring Simon will soon be available to watch on the channel's website, at

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