Twins club hopes for three new members

MEMBERS of a twins club are holding out a hand of friendship to a family blessed with triplets.

MEMBERS of a twins club are holding out a hand of friendship to a family blessed with triplets.

Felixstowe Twins Club says families experiencing multiple births need as much help as possible to ensure they don't feel overwhelmed or isolated.

The club has asked parents Rachel Talbot and David Stephenson to bring along their three new babies, Archie, Ruby and Oscar, to their weekly sessions to meet up with other mums and dads in a similar position.

The triplets, from Bucklesham, were born in March - the first at Ipswich Hospital for four years and particularly unusual because it was not the result of fertility treatment.

“We have been in touch with them to see if they would like to come along to the club or if they would like to be put in touch with clubs in Ipswich or Woodbridge,” said Cass Aitchison, one of the organisers of the Felixstowe club.

“It can be so daunting to have a multiple birth and we would love to give them any support we can.”

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The club is planning a special information evening on multiple births on July 9 at 7.30pm at St Mary's Opportunity Group.

Mrs Aitchison - who has four children including twins, Ella and Kieron, both eight, plus Megan, six, Talia, four - said having twins or triplets could be a real shock to family life.

“There is not as much help from the health service as there used to be and there is often so much parents need to know - and just don't know who to turn to,” she said.

“It can be all kinds of things, from types of buggies, to feeding, sleeping patterns, worries big and small. Often the best way is simply to meet up with other mums and dads who have had the experience and chat to them about it.”

Felixstowe Twins Club meets every Thursday between 10am and noon at St Mary's Opportunity Group in the grounds of Orwell High School, Maidstone Road. Sessions run every week and during school holidays, older twins and siblings are invited.

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