Two firms mix to create Suffolk loaf

WOODBRIDGE: Two businesses have used their loaf to create a true slice of Suffolk.

WOODBRIDGE: Two businesses have used their loaf to create a true slice of Suffolk.

Suffolk Spelt and Honey bread, made using ingredients grown in nearby fields, is the result of collaboration between The Cake Shop in Woodbridge and organic farmers Maple Farm in nearby Kelsale.

It uses unusual flour produced from spelt, which is grown and milled locally at Maple Farm, meaning that from field to bakery, there is a total of just 15 food miles.

The Cake Shop baker Peter Wright decided to create the totally new Suffolk loaf to celebrate his 55th year in the trade.

William and Miranda Kendall, of Maple Farm, grow several heritage grains including rye and spelt. Spelt is grown by only a handful of farmers in the UK, and is increasingly sought after for its health benefits.

“Maple Farm Kelsale is the only supplier I have ever known to mill to order which means their flour arrives fresh to the bakery,” said Mr Wright.

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“We are excited by the possibilities of locally grown spelt as it is so unusual and produces a distinctive flavour.

“It's good to think that by working with Maple Farm we've been able to grow and produce right here in our own county everything we need to make a healthy, great-tasting local loaf.

“From grain to crust, the new Suffolk Spelt and Honey loaf is Suffolk-born bread.”

Mr Kendall added: “So much shop flour is made from grain transported from faraway continents. Our flour is produced from grain grown right here on our farm and milled on the spot.

“We are delighted to be working with the fantastic team at The Cake Shop who share our belief in producing food that is healthy, delicious and reflects the great produce we have in the county”.

The bread, priced �1.50 a loaf, is on sale in The Cake Shop and Budgens in Woodbridge. Free range organic eggs and bags of flour from Maple Farm are available at the bakery.

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