UK: Fourteen hopefuls enter the Big Brother house - including a teen brain-box, a model, a wrestler and a belly dancer

UK: Fourteen contestants have walked through the doors of the Big Brother house to take part in the new series.

They are:

- Maisy James, 19, from Bromley in Kent.

The Abercrombie and Fitch store model describes herself as “naturally clever, self-assured and confident” and hates it when people write her off as a dumb blonde.

- Aden Theobald, 18, from Enfield in north London.

The teenage brainbox has an IQ of over 160 and describes himself as a ladies’ man and “the kindest person you would ever meet”.

- Harry Blake, 22, from Cheshire.

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Entrepreneur Harry said he is “150% Conservative” and said he wants to bring a touch of class to the house.

- Louise Cliffe, 25, from Manchester.

Glamour girl Louise gave up her plans to join the army when she started a modelling career which has seen her crowned Miss Manchester.

- Anton Murphy, 23, from Peckham in south London.

Anton swapped the mean streets of the inner-city for a place at a private school and then university.

- Alex Rose, 18, from South Shields.

Alex is obsessed with the colour pink and owns a convertible with “Barbie” emblazoned down the side.

- Heaven Africa, 30, from London.

The model turned healer describes herself as “a different species, certainly not human”.

- Thomas O’Connell, 20, from Solihull in the West Midlands.

The university dropout loves being the centre of attention. He claims to have once challenged Ms Dynamite to a dance-off and said she refused because “clearly she knew she’d lose”.

- Rebeckah Vaughan, 28, from the Wirral.

The club hostess admits to enjoying the finer things in life and is most proud of buying herself a detached six-bedroom house complete with a walk-in wardrobe stuffed full of designer gear.

- Mark Henderson, 28, from Windsor in Berkshire.

The sales assistant from describes himself as “a modern day jester”. He has a soft spot for animals and once resuscitated a frog but is scared of egg whites because he does not “like the way it moves”.

- Faye Palmer, 19, from Tamworth in Staffordshire.

The teenager is a competitive wrestler and gets into the ring under the name Darcy Steele.

- Jay McKray, 27, from Newcastle.

The jack of all trades lists his occupation as plumber, fitness instructor, DJ and barber.

- Tashie Jackson, 21, from Oxford.

Tashie speaks five languages and is a keen belly dancer. She has also appeared as an extra in a Harry Potter movie and is teetotal.

- Aaron Allard-Morgan, 30 from Weston-super-Mare.

The dad-of-one dashed back from a holiday in Ibiza when he found out he was going to be in the house. He hates swearing and said his perfect job would be a professional football manager or Prime Minister.