UK Update: Huge blaze ongoing at industrial park

UK: Emergency services have dealt with a “major fire” at an industrial park in Newchapel, near Lingfield, Surrey.

The explosion was heard by people at the nearby London England Temple.

One engineer, who did not wish to be named, said he was working on a roof near the boundary of the temple’s 32-acre grounds, when he heard a loud bang.

“There was a massive, massive bang, a large bang, with a little after-bang but that was it,” he said.

“And then just a few minutes after, that’s when smoke started to appear.

“I’m actually working on a roof on part of our boundary and I could see the smoke starting to billow up.”

He said a lot of smoke could be seen near the industrial estate, and two helicopters also hovered near the scene.

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The engineer said he did not know exactly where the explosion had happened and had not heard anything about rumours that some people may be trapped in the fire, but added: “The amount of ambulances would indicate something quite serious.”

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