Unlicensed Ipswich teenager who crashed his dad’s car given community order

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court - Credit: Archant

An unlicensed teenage driver who careered into a lamppost after losing control of his dad’s car has been given a community order.

James Pasmore, of Woodlark Close, Ipswich, pleaded guilty to careless driving, having no insurance, driving without a licence and failing to stop after an accident when he appeared before the town’s magistrates.

The 19-year-old committed the offences on May 15.

Prosecutor Wayne Ablett said a witness had been at the junction of Dryden Road and Shenstone Drive just before 5pm. They heard the sound of screeching tyres and saw a blue Renault Clio turning right into Dryden Road from Congreve Road.

The witness told police the car was travelling at high speed and far too fast for the corner it was taking.

The Clio struck the kerb before mounting the path, narrowly missing a road sign, and then striking a lamppost.

It continued on the grass verge before striking a second lamppost.

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After the vehicle came to a halt the driver was seen to start walking along Shenstone Drive.

The woman who witnessed the crash called police.

Mr Ablett said a second male approached the Clio and was going to move it, but the woman told him not to.

Pasmore, who had been driving, returned to the car and started to take items out of it before turning back down Shenstone Drive.

The court heard police saw three males including Pasmore and asked whose vehicle it was.

Pasmore told an officer it was his dad’s.

Mr Ablett said Pasmore told police: “I tried to drift around the corner and crashed it.”

Mark Holt, representing Pasmore, told magistrates his client had been driving the Clio properly, but had lost control on the corner.

Pasmore did not accept he was driving the vehicle at excessive speed. He drove the car because he had a telephone call from a friend and felt he had to go to the friend’s home as soon as possible.

Pasmore “borrowed” the vehicle believing the owner would consent to him taking it, the court heard.

Mr Holt said: “Clearly it was a poor judgment on his part.”

In addition to his 12-month community order, Pasmore was fined £200, ordered to pay 85 to the victims’ fund and given a nine-point endorsement on a driving licence.