Unlucky break for Jake the Canary

A STUNNED TV presenter had two fingers BROKEN when he tried to save a thunderbolt shot from Britain's most expensive goalkeeper Craig Gordon.

A STUNNED TV presenter had two fingers BROKEN when he tried to save a thunderbolt shot from Britain's most expensive goalkeeper Craig Gordon.

Jake Humphrey, 29, also sprained his wrist and ended up in agony after having a high-powered kickabout with £9m Sunderland star Gordon for the BBC2 show Sportsround.

Jake is a Norwich City fan. And ever since the 1985 Milk Cup 'Friendly final' Canary fans and Sunderland supporters fans have shared a special football bond.

But Jake found Scotland hero Gordon, 24, far from friendly - when a 25-yard screamer from the Black Cats No1 accidentally snapped two of his fingers.

Humphrey felt the full force of the keeper's power-packed shooting boots when he visited Sunderland's training ground last week.

Norwich-born Jake went to the Academy of Light on Wearside to film for this Saturday morning's show when he discovered just how tough it can be between the sticks.

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He was facing shots from Gordon - the world's third most expensive keeper - and former Manchester United star Raimond van der Gouw, who is now Sunderland's goalkeeping coach.

Jake, a top goalie at school, broke two fingers and sprained his wrist while saving one of ex-Heart ace Gordon's piledrivers.

But despite his unlucky break the hero TV man amazingly played on in intense pain to complete the agonising training session.

Brave Jake said last night: “I remember the shot from Craig pinging off my finger and it being really painful.

"I just played on - you don't cry off in these situations, do you?"

He added: “I remember saying to Craig and Raimond that I thought I had broken my finger.

"They said no chance, that I would know about it if I had.

"It just goes to show that it can be very painful being a footballer.”

Since the 1985 Milk Cup final, which Norwich won 1-0, whenever the two teams meet they unofficially fight it out for the friendship trophy.

Jake said: “I'm a Norwich City fan and we compete for the friendship trophy with Sunderland.

"Breaking my finger wasn't too friendly!”

Jake started in television with Norwich-based children's channel Rapture and his career has taken off ever since.

He has hosted children's shows such as The Saturday Show but more recently has enjoyed a stint presenting Football Focus, the highlights from this year's African Cup of Nations and the American Football Superbowl.

You can see Jake in action against Craig Gordon and getting his fingers broken on this weekend's Sportsround show.

It will be shown on BBC2 at 11.45am on Saturday.

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