Uranus at its brightest and largest in tonight's sky

View of planet Uranus from space. Space, nebula and planet Uranus. ----- Elements of this image furn

Get your telescopes and binoculars out for this annual opportunity to see Uranus at its brightest and largest - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Uranus could be visible with the naked eye tonight as it passes in opposition to the sun.

The ice giant will appear at its brightest and largest this evening despite remaining 2.8 billion kilometres from the Earth. 

This is because it will come to the point of opposition, which means it will line up with the Earth on the same side of the sun.

The seventh planet from the sun will be visible towards the east for the entire night and will appear as a faint star just above the horizon.

When viewed through a telescope or binoculars, the planet's distinctive greenish-blue hue will be revealed.

The moon is at its new moon phase which means Uranus will not be obscured by bright light reflecting off the moon. 

It will be at its highest point around 12am tonight and aside from northern parts of Scotland, the weather will be relatively clear according to the Met Office.

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