Jason shares the love with a litter bit of a difference

The word 'love' spelled out using lots of bottles and cans picked up during litter picks

Jason Alexander, founder of Rubbish Walks, shared his love-ly message on Valentine's Day - Credit: Jason Alexander

Romance might lie at the heart of Valentine's Day, but a Suffolk litter campaigner took a little time to remind everyone to show a little more love to the world around them too. 

Sharing a video to the Rubbish Walks social media page, Jason Alexander spelled out the word 'love' with some of the discarded bottles and cans he's collected through Suffolk.

The artwork originally formed part of an art piece made to encourage people to 'love where they live', with each of the words created in the same space out of similar rubbish. 

But repurposing the first word of the phrase for Valentine's Day allowed for a nice little reminder to "spread a little love and kindness". 

Bottles and cans in a garden laid out to spell the words love where you live

The artwork formed part of a larger project about loving where you live - Credit: Jason Alexander

In the caption, Jason added: "You don’t need to buy a card or other pointless overpriced tat to show a loved one or the planet how much you care.

"Family, friends, strangers, the planet... it doesn't matter, just do it."

Jason Alexander collected about 50 bags of rubbish during his 24-hour marathon

Jason Alexander is the founder of Rubbish Walks, which aims to raise awareness of littering in Suffolk - Credit: Jason Alexander