Vet’s warning after dog is attacked by Staffies

IPSWICH: A vet is today warning about the growing threat of dangerous dogs in the wake of the latest attack in town.

Two Staffordshire bull terriers allegedly ripped into Jake, a six-year-old boxer dog on Friday night, tearing a chunk out of his ear and biting his leg.

Veterinary surgeon Simon Clarke, who has seen the injuries first hand, said: “We are seeing an increase in the number of cases where dogs are running loose and other dogs are falling victim to them.

“Owners are not accountable for their actions and my concern is that somebody is going to get seriously injured.”

Mr Clarke, of Highcliff Veterinary Practice, in Ellenbrook Green, added: “People need to be more responsible for these types of dogs.”

Owner Katrina Topple said she was out walking with Jake in Cambridge Drive, Ipswich, when the Staffies came running towards them.

“They just dived at him – they knocked him off his feet,” she said.

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“They got hold of him and were ripping him to shreds. I was thumping them and kicking them, but I may as well have been hitting them with a feather because it was having absolutely no impact.”

During the struggle, a police car drove past the scene and the officer stepped in to help.

“He was beeping his horn but they didn’t take any notice. He got out of the car and he grabbed one of the dogs by the collar and lifted him off the floor,” she said.

“The dog had Jake’s ear and face in his mouth and as we were pulling them apart he ripped a lump out of Jake’s ear.”

Eventually, the owner arrived and took control of the dogs.

Mrs Topple, 58, of Fitzwilliam Close, Ipswich, said Jake was unable to walk the following day and was anaesthetised before the vet stitched up his wounds. “I am not going to take him out anywhere after this, I have got to take care of him,” she said.

The police do not take action over dog attacks, unless a person is injured but Mr Clarke believes we need to take a tougher stance is needed.

“People love to own dogs like Staffordshire bull terriers. We have seen a massive number come through our practice in the last few months,” he said.

“I spend an awful lot of time discussing the potential problems with the owners but it seems to go in one ear and out the other.”

He personally had to wrench a Staffie off another dog in his waiting room just weeks ago.

“I am 6ft 2ins and reasonably strong and I couldn’t get him off. I had to wedge a pair of scissors in his mouth. It wasn’t until this happened that the lady realised how dangerous her dog was,” he said.

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