Vic, 69, retires from driving town buses after 48 years

IPSWICH: A dedicated bus driver is preparing to make his last journey after almost half a century in the job.

Vic Hamilton, 69, will retire from his role with Ipswich Buses tomorrow after 48 years’ service.

During that time, Vic has driven buses on most of the routes in the town and even worked on his wedding day.

Vic, a father of five and grandfather of 13, said: “It will feel strange making my last journey.

“I have enjoyed the job and have so many happy memories to look back on, but I am sad to be leaving.

“I will miss the people more than anything. As a bus driver, you are working alone, but you get to meet so many different people.

“You get to recognise them and become friendly with them. It’s those friendships and knowing that you’re helping people get from A to B that makes it a great job.” When Vic first started back in 1962, he had only been in the country for a matter of weeks having arrived from his homeland of Guyana, in South America.

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Vic added: “I came here alone. Some of my family had previously lived in Ipswich and I was told to go there and look for work.

“I started off as a conductor and then started training as a driver. I had never driven anything before – I could only just ride a bike – so being in control of a big bus was difficult at first.

“Once I had passed, I became over-confident and had a few scrapes, but I never had a serious crash.”

Vic, who lives on the Whitton estate with his wife Vivian, 65, added that he was looking forward to retiring and putting his feet up.

“On the day of our wedding in 1966, I worked until 2pm before rushing to the register office and it was back to the work the next day. I didn’t even get a honeymoon,” he added.

“So I guess I’ve worked pretty hard over the years. But I’ve enjoyed it and that’s the key to job satisfaction.”

Vic, who currently drives pupils to Claydon Primary School, will be joined by colleagues at Ipswich Bus Station for a special leaving do on Thursday.

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