Vice misery for residents

PROSTITUTES plying for trade outside residents' houses, is making their lives a misery.

PROSTITUTES plying for trade outside residents' houses are making their lives a misery.

It is the biggest crime which needs to be tackled, according to a new survey among people in the Gipping area of Ipswich.

Parking was next on their list of priorities – but it is far less of a problem than vice, according to the five per cent of residents who responded.

Dave Bennett, of Canham Street, said the vice girls and their customers were causing concern for many families.

He said: "You don't want to let your children out after dark, which is tough at this time of year because it gets dark so early.

"They hang around in dark corners and sometimes you see blokes driving past slowly in cars – it's not nice.

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"A lot of the prostitutes are on drugs and we don't want that round here either."

Mr Bennett's views are echoed in a report prepared by Gipping Ward Community Group which was due to be discussed today by Ipswich Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership.

It said: "The results of the survey show that prostitution is clearly impacting on the whole area, with nearly twice the points as the next highest issue.

"Prostitution is the highest concern. It is also notable that many of the comments from residents regarding crime, litter, privacy and security are tied directly to prostitution."

Other problems including stadium lights, lack of public toilets and TV reception, were less important to residents.

Richard Middleton, spokesman for Gipping Ward Community Group said: "Many residents were quite vocal in their responses on the feedback forms. Several even attached letters to express their concerns, fears and anger over the problems that are impacting on their daily lives.

"From the number of residents who gave contact details, it seems many would become actively involved in the improvement and regeneration of their neighbourhood, given the opportunity."