Victim could have been a model

ONE of Annette Nicholls' best friends last night spoke of her devastation at the disappearance of a “supermodel in the making”.

ONE of Annette Nicholls' best friends last night spoke of her devastation at the disappearance of a “supermodel in the making”.

Mandy Page, 35, of Landseer Road, Ipswich, was speaking after detectives admitted they believe they have found the 29-year-old's body in an isolated spot in Levington.

Ms Page said: “I'm really upset about what has happened - it hasn't sunk in yet.

“She went to the same school as me and we were really close. She was one of the loveliest people you could ever meet.

“She had lots of friends and we used to hang out together. Everyone is praying together and hoping for the best. But we are all devastated.”

Miss Nicholls, who has an eight-year-old son, was reported missing on Monday but had not been seen since the previous Thursday.

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She is a former pupil of Holywells High School and had trained at college as a beauty therapist.

Ms Page said: “She took pride in her appearance and the way she looked. She always looked stunning and was a supermodel in the making.

“I just feel gutted about what has happened, like everyone else who knows her.”

Miss Nicolls' cousin, Tanya Nicholls, has told how her cousin was transformed through the ravages of drugs.

Tanya, 37, who lives on Ipswich's Greenwich estate, told a national newspaper: "She used to be such an absolutely outstanding person with the most lovely personality. She was stunningly beautiful inside and out.

“I was so proud of her when she passed her beautician's course. She used to go round to friends to do their make-up and give them treatments.

"But then almost overnight she got into heroin and it changed her. It was a bit like flicking a light switch. She used to be such a together person. She was a brilliant mother, her house was immaculate and she would always make sure her car was insured and taxed.

“The next thing she was driving around with no insurance and I heard she was using drugs. We basically just lost her. I found out that she had become a prostitute a couple of years ago.”

Tanya last saw her cousin three weeks ago - touting for business in Ipswich's red light area at midnight. "She saw me riding past on a bike and called me over to say hello,” said Tanya.

“I was really worried for her because it was after the two other girls, Gemma and Tania, were reported missing.

"But Annette didn't want to stop working. She insisted she was OK and just told me, 'Don't tell anyone you saw me here'."