Video and gallery: Wedding joy after tragedy

THIS was the happy day they never thought would come.

THIS was the happy day they never thought would come.

When Richard Hutton suffered life threatening head injuries after being attacked at a family party in February, there was a time his fiancée Sarah Brookes feared the worst.

But eight months on, Mr Hutton was able to leave Addenbrooke's Hospital for a couple of days to wed the love of his life at a simple ceremony in Ipswich Register Office yesterday.

Today all their family and friends were going to have a party in the Golden Hind in Nacton Road to celebrate the marriage.

Mrs Hutton, 42, of Beatty Road said: “We had a lovely day with lots of family and friends around. It was a nice relaxing afternoon with some tea and cake.

“I did not think the day was going to be here but it has been great.”

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It was an emotional event for all the guests as the two made their vows to each other. Then as the newly weds emerged from the register office, their family and friends showered them with black and purple confetti.

As a keen biker and music fan, Mr Hutton, 37, was wearing leather trousers and a rockers t-shirt, while Mrs Hutton wore a long purple silk dress. Her bridesmaid was her 12-year-old daughter, Morgan, who was wearing a purple and black Halloween costume for the occasion. All the guests wore black and purple - the couple's two favourite colours.

Since the attack, which left him in a coma for six weeks, Mr Hutton has made steady progress although his injuries will have a lasting effect. He is still in a wheelchair yet there is a chance he will walk again with intense physiotherapy sessions.

Mrs Hutton will become his full time carer when he eventually returns home, which could be at least another six months, but she remains positive and is looking forward to their future together.

Instead of presents, they asked people for donations towards getting a Nintendo Wii to help Mr Hutton's rehabilitation when he returns home as it is good for helping people with brain injuries.

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On February 9 this year all the family gathered together at the Greshams Sports and Social Club for the 60th birthday party of Mr Hutton's uncle.

The event was a happy one but then the evening turned sour towards the end of the night.

As Mr Hutton went outside for a cigarette, he was attacked. Miss Brookes said when she went outside, she saw he had a bloody nose, a puffy eye and blood coming from his mouth. She decided it was time to go home but as the family were preparing to head off, his cousin Jamie Hutton emerged and punched him in the jaw, which knocked him to the ground.

Mr Hutton was taken to Ipswich Hospital but later transferred to Addenbrooke's Hospital. He had a frontal lobotomy, where two centimetres of brain tissue was removed. He now has titanium plates where part of his skull used to be.

At Ipswich Crown Court on May 29 Jamie Hutton was sentenced to two and half years in prison after he pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm.