Video: Call for owners as animal centre sees a spike in the number of stray ferrets being brought in to RSPCA in Martlesham

The RSPCA at Martlesham has been inundated with ferrets.
Emma Thresh with Dakota and Georgia.

The RSPCA at Martlesham has been inundated with ferrets. Emma Thresh with Dakota and Georgia. - Credit: Archant

Staff at a Suffolk animal centre which has seen a spike in the number of ferrets being brought to its facility are appealing for people to come forward and provide loving homes for the animals.

The Suffolk East and Ipswich branch of the RSPCA in Martlesham is currently caring for 18 ferrets and will not be able to accept anymore until they find new owners.

Many of the pets brought into the Mill Lane centre in recent months have been strays and it is not known whether they found a way out of their homes or were abandoned.

Animal care assistant at the branch, Emma Thresh, said: “Quite a few people are having ferrets as pets. At the beginning of the year we did quite well with rehoming, but now it is very quiet.

“We have 18 at the moment, that is pretty much at capacity.

“There are ferrets being found as strays but we just can’t physically take anymore.”

Ferrets have increased in popularity in recent years.

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They are renowned for their love of exploring and domesticated ferrets do usually enjoy living in groups. They sleep for between 18 and 20 hours a day.

Miss Thresh, 23, believes people need to give ferrets a chance as pets.

She added: “I know most people are a bit hesitant because they don’t really know what they are like but we have got some really sweet, cuddly ferrets.

“They are playful and they are so funny to watch when they are having one of their mad five minutes. They are brilliant, just great.”

If you think you could house one of the ferrets, call the centre on 0300 999 7321.

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