Video: Football team’s kit appeal video is internet sensation

WHAT started as a cheeky video to drum up sponsorship for a new kit has snowballed into an internet sensation.

Playford – No Sponsor, No Kit has clocked up more than 47,000 hits on YouTube since it was published on July 26.

The revealing video was created by the Playford FC team, who play at Farlingaye, in an attempt to secure much-needed funds to buy a new kit.

Visitors have been flocking to the video sharing site, drawn in by news stories and tweets from across the globe.

Club captain and centre back Richard Jones came up with the idea as something to make Playford FC stand out from the other teams in the Flowsports Ipswich Sunday Football League.

He said: “The response we have had is amazing. Shooting the video was strange enough but to think so many people from around the world are watching it and tweeting about us is really surreal.

“We thought it might make a few people laugh but none of us thought that a bunch of Sunday morning footballers running around in their underwear would be quite as popular as this.”

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Alongside the video’s internet appeal, the club has also received a number of sponsorship offers which should ensure they can keep their kit on in the future.

Team manager and right back, Chris Jones, 30, said: “We’ve had a phenomenal response and a vast range of various offers.

“We were just hoping to raise a bit of awareness locally, but it’s gone virtually global now.

“They’ve been blogging about us in Spain.

“We should definitely have a new kit for the start of the season.”

So would the boys consider stripping for their strip again in the future?

“Hopefully it won’t come to that,” Chris said. “I don’t really fancy running around in my undies again.”

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