Video/Gallery: Kesgrave community ‘pulls together’ and blocks access to prevent further travellers arriving

The travellers in Grange Farm, Kesgrave

The travellers in Grange Farm, Kesgrave - Credit: Archant

Kesgrave residents are continuing to take action against rumours that up to 100 travellers are heading to the area today.

Farm machinery blocking the entry to Millennium Field.

Farm machinery blocking the entry to Millennium Field. - Credit: Archant

Cars, wheelie bins and pieces of farm machinery are among the items being used to block off open pieces of land to vehicles.

A group of travellers have been parked on the green space between Cardew Drift and the Farmhouse Pub in Grange Farm since mid-June. Court action to evict them was adjourned this week.

A Facebook group - Kesgrave Traveller Awareness - has been set up to monitor the situation and now has more than 3,500 members.

It was on this site that the warning was circulated last night about more travellers coming to Kesgrave for a first communion this morning.

Cars block land at Through Jollys, Grange Farm

Cars block land at Through Jollys, Grange Farm - Credit: Archant

One of the members posted on the page at 9am: “Travellers looking all dressed up so will probably be on route to church soon.”

Residents have commended the community spirit that has been displayed in reaction to the travellers.

Peter Blythe, of Herbert Road, said: “It’s amazing the way the community has pulled together.

“It’s never been lacking in community spirit, but it has suddenly just blossomed.”

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The street lights were left on overnight after a request was made to officers who were monitoring the area a police spokeswoman said.

One resident of Through Jollys, who did not want to be named, said: “We have had them over the other side for a month and they are creating such a mess. We were given the idea that 100 more were coming and that’s why we moved the cars. It’s a good community around here.”

She said they were concerned about people going to work and leaving the green spaces open for vehicles to occupy.

Three large pieces of farm machinery were reportedly used by a local farmer around 7.30pm yesterday to block off entry to Millennium Field.

Another resident added: “They are entitled to have somewhere in the country.

“I think on social media there has been some over-reaction. It’s all only just emerged in the last 24 hours and I haven’t been party to it.”

He said he was made aware of the blockade late last night by a neighbour but had not taken part.

A Suffolk police spokesman said officers would be back in the Grange Farm area this morning following community tension.

“No crime or disorder has been reported and police will continue to monitor the area,” she added.

Landowners Suffolk Coastal District Council had pursued legal action to move the group currently living near Cardew Drift, resulting in the matter being brought before magistrates in Ipswich earlier this week.

But the case was adjourned to next week after a new Section 77 notice to evict them from the site had to be lodged.

It is believed the original notice only covered the original group which reportedly arrived on Monday, June 15, not the additional travellers which arrived a week later.

However, travellers occupying the site insisted earlier this week they were unable to leave the site at the present as one of them remained in Ipswich Hospital.

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