Video: Homeless man with golden radio voice set for stardom

A HOMELESS man whose golden voice has turned him into the internet’s first sensation of 2011 is today on the verge of stardom and fortune.

Within hours of his story flashing across the world Ted Williams had been beseiged with job offers.

Ted became a beggar on the cold, windy, street, of Columbus, Ohio when his fortunes dipped.

But the recovering alcoholic rocketed to stardom when the local Dispatch paper’s camera crew captured his priceless asset - his voice.

His incredibly smooth tones have since spread across the world via Twitter and YouTube and now experts believe his voice could even make him a millionaire.

In a 90-second clip, former radio announcer Mr Williams is seen asking for help at a road crossing.

His sign, on a tatty piec of cardboard, reads: “I have a God given gift of voice. I’m an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times.

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“Please! Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you and God bless you. Happy Holidays.”

Williams, dressed in a shabby camouflage jacket and with weather-blasted face and locks, goes through a routine before chatting about his special gift.

Now Williams has received offers of work from the likes of MTV, NFL and ESPN and basketball team the Cleveland Cavaliers are poised to offer him a job as stadium announcer.

He has already appeared as a guest on local radio station WNCI (97.9 FM) and the station’s director, Tony Florentino, said they have already fielded queries from across the country.

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