Video: How do you like your Christmas pudding? Deep fried?

AN enterprising chip shop has added a seasonal treat to their menu - deep fried Christmas pud.

Alongside the haddock, cod and saveloys at the family run Ellenbrook Fish Bar, in Ellenbrook Green, Ipswich Christmas pudding makes a surprising appearance on the menu – slices of the fruit-laden sweet dipped in batter and deep-fried – for just �1.50.

Chip shop manager Mark Calver said: “It started out of curiosity more than anything.

“My ex father-in-law used to say to me that he would fry up leftover Christmas pudding on Boxing Day and I thought we’d give it a go deep fried.”

Mark, 53, said he sells around 20 portions a week.

Mark’s sister Teresa Welham runs another of the family’s fish and chip shops in Maidenhall Green.

She said that although she isn’t fond of Christmas pudding she is seriously considering adding it to the menu.

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Mark said: “I like it. It is very sweet.

“A lot of people who say they don’t like Christmas pudding say they like the texture when it is deep fried. People started asking me in November when it is going to be on the menu.”

The slice is first dipped in rice cones to help the batter stick to the pudding.

Once dipped in batter, the Christmas pudding is dropped in the fat heated to 180 degrees for six minutes until golden brown.

Mark said he doesn’t put in the traditional six pence.

He added: “We drain it for a few moments before serving.”

And the verdict?

Sweet and strangely moreish – and the proof really is in the pudding.