Video: Ipswich dangerous driver jailed for 12 years after hitting a man appeals sentence

CCTV video of Inczewski's white van (top) being driven at Marcin Obuchowicz

CCTV video of Inczewski's white van (top) being driven at Marcin Obuchowicz - Credit: Archant

A van driver jailed for 12 years after a man landed on his bonnet when he deliberately drove at him in Ipswich is seeking leave to appeal his sentence.

Jaroslaw Inczewski

Jaroslaw Inczewski - Credit: Archant

Jaroslaw Inczewski, of Geneva Road, Ipswich, was imprisoned by the town’s crown court in May after being found guilty following a trial of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm. The 31-year-old had denied the charge, but had admitted dangerous driving and failing to report an accident.

His victim was thrown several feet on to the ground due to the impact of the collision in a car park in South Street.

Sentencing Inczewski Judge John Holt said the attack was motivated by revenge following a row with a group of men outside a shop in Norwich Road.

“You decided on revenge and followed them in your van and found them walking across a car park,” Judge Holt said. “You drove into that car park at high speed and drove at three men.”

He said two of the men managed to move out of the way but a third man, Marcin Obuchowicz was struck by the van.

“He went up in the air on to the bonnet of your vehicle and was thrown several feet on to the ground. It is a matter of remarkable good fortune his injuries, although significant, were not catastrophic. You then reversed and drove off,” said Judge Holt.

The incident occurred on July 14 last year.

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Ipswich Crown Court has confirmed it has received a notice of appeal against sentence from Inczewski’s legal representatives.

The Court of Appeal will now consider Inczewski’s application.

In addition to his 12-year jail term Inczewski was banned from driving for five years.

Inczewski had claimed he had been punched following an incident at a Polish shop in Norwich Road.

He got into his van and went after the men involved to ask why he had been assaulted but as he followed the group, he felt dizzy and disorientated and had blacked out causing him to lose control of the van.

He said when he regained consciousness he saw a man in front of him holding what appeared to be a brick and feared for his life.

He claimed he braked as soon as he saw the man but had hit him with the van.