Video: Law firm AshtonKCJ take up ice bucket challenge outside Isaac’s on the Quay in Ipswich

Staff from AshtonKCJ take part in the ice bucket challenge outside Isaac's on Ipswich's waterfront

Staff from AshtonKCJ take part in the ice bucket challenge outside Isaac's on Ipswich's waterfront - Credit: Archant

The ice bucket challenge is still going strong in Ipswich as more than a dozen employees of law firm AshtonKCJ got soaked for charity on the town’s waterfront.

The viral internet craze has seen people being dowsed in ice cold water to raise awareness for motor neurone disease (MND), known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in the US where it originated. They also donate to a charity of their choice, usually one trying to find a cure for the disease, and post a video of their soggy task on social media.

After several employees at AshtonKCJ were nominated to take the challenge individually they thought the best thing to do would be to do it as a group.

That’s why 18 of them lined up outside Isaac’s on the Quay yesterday to pour water over one another in front of colleagues and passing members of the public.

“I’m cold and I’ve sacrificed my comfort and dignity in a good cause,” said Paul Whittingham.

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“I was nominated by Steve Runnacles from Ensors Ipswich and other people have had other nominations. We decided we would do a collective one and have it done literally in a big splash.”

Joel Furniss said: “I feel refreshed! I think the weather probably put some people off but overall it’s quite successful.”

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Everyone taking part from AshtonKCJ made a donation as part of the challenge. They nominated the Ipswich branches of Ensors, Handelsbanken and Blake Mayhew to take the challenge as well.

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