Video - Local Elections: Labour maintain control of Ipswich Borough Council

Local election results. Ipswich
Phil Smart for Labour in Bridge ward

Local election results. Ipswich Phil Smart for Labour in Bridge ward

Labour has kept control of Ipswich Borough Council after the local election results - despite losing four seats to the Tories.

Local election count underway at Corn Exchange, Ipswich

Local election count underway at Corn Exchange, Ipswich - Credit: Lucy Taylor

The Liberal Democrats faced another blow following its parliamentary disaster by losing one of its three seats on the council.

Despite Tory Ben Gummer retaining his seat as the town’s MP, it was almost impossible that Labour would not keep its majority.

The borough elects a third of its 48 councillors every year, however two by-elections also took place yesterday following the resignation of Richard Kirby (Sprites Ward) and Jennifer Stimson (St John’s Ward), both Labour.

There were consequently 18 seats up for grabs today, with the Reds defending 14 of the 21 seats they already hold.

The make-up of the borough now sits at 31 Labour, two Lib Dems and 15 Conservatives.

Counters paused for a moments reflection this afternoon at the Ipswich Corn Exchange and marked the 70th anniversary of VE Day.

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David Ellesmere declared this morning that he wishes to remain as leader of the borough council following his parliamentary defeat to the Conservatives - with Mr Gummer achieving a 3,733 majority. This will be announced on Monday.

More to follow.

For full election coverage, see here.


Alexandra: Jane Riley (L) 1,805, Jose Esteves (C) 1,327, Barry Broom (Gn) 534, Ken Toye (LD) 311. Maj: 478. Turnout: 62.6%. (L held)

Bixley: Richard Pope (C) 2,204, Paul Anderson (L) 1,003, Pippa Gordon (UKIP) 542, James White (Gn) 206, Martin Hore (LD) 183. Maj: 1201. Turnout: 74.2%. (C held)

Bridge: Phil Smart (L) 1,387, Katherine Parkinson (C) 1,148, Alan Boswell (UKIP) 580, Eric Nelson (Gn) 205, Ben Harvey (LD) 179. Maj: 239. Turnout: 56.9%. (L held)

Castle Hill: David Goldsmith (C) 1,933, Annabel Mednick (L) 1,024, Wilfred Arasaratnam (UKIP) 607, Oliver Holmes (LD) 235, Liz Smith (Gn) 203. Maj: 909. Turnout: 68.7%. (C held)

Gainsborough: Martin Cook (L) 1,520, Carol Debman (C) 1,144, John Beard (UKIP) 768, Ben Magrath (Gn) 167. Maj: 376 Turnout: 58.3%. (L held)

Gipping: Peter Gardiner (L) 1,452, Kevin Algar (C) 983, Tony Gould (UKIP) 544, Shaun McDonald (Gn) 231, Stuart McHardy (LD) 135. Maj: 469. Turnout: 55.6%. (L held)

Holywells: Liz Harsant (C) 1,649, Howard Needham (L) 1,132, Mark Dobrazanski (UKIP) 469, Thomas Wilmot (Gn) 246, Timothy Lockington (LD) 194. Maj: 517. Turnout: 63.6%. (C held)

Priory Heath: Bill Knowles (L) 1,627, Andy Shannon (C) 1,329, Michael Chelk (UKIP) 569, Andrew Iredale (Gn) 172, Matthew Baker (LD) 160. Maj: 298. Turnout: 61.3%. (L held)

Rushmere: Stephen Ion (C) 1,712, Tracy Grant (L) 1,622, Rick Kerry (UKIP) 549, Nick Jacob (LD) 212, Maxwell Phillips (Gn) 198. Maj: 90. Turnout: 69.4%. (C gain from L)

Sprites (first two elected): Roger Fern (L) 1,412, Bob Hall (C) 1,205, Michael Bailey (C) 1,034, Colin Smart (L) 980, Alan Cotterell (UKIP) 835, Maria Harrison (Gn) 237, Richard Dighton (LD) 154. Turnout: 63%. (One L held, one C gain from L)

St John’s (first two elected): Shelly Darwin (L) 1,645, Neil Macdonald (L) 1,515, Mark Felix-Thomas (C) 1,444, Kingsley Garrett (C) 1,435, Jo Grant (UKIP) 777, Ned Harrison (Gn) 502, Robin Whitmore (LD) 312. Turnout: 66.7%. (L held)

St Margaret’s: Lee Reynolds (C) 1,743, Cathy French (LD) 1,521, Steven Reynolds (L) 1,001, Kirsty Wilmot (Gn) 377. Maj: 222. Turnout: 74%. (C gain from LD)

Stoke Park: Robin Hyde-Chambers (C) 1,649, Barry Studd (L) 1,264, Sally Broom (Gn) 227, Colin Boyd (LD) 146. Maj: 385. Turnout: 62.6%. (C gain from L)

Westgate: Julian Gibbs (L) 1446, Steve Flood (C) 964, Mark Schueler (UKIP) 432, John Mann (Gn) 252, Malcolm Mitchell (LD) 179, Anna Matthews (Suffolk Together) 123. Maj: 482. Turnout: 55.5%. (L held)

Whitehouse: Martin Goonan (L) 1,194, David Heffer (C) 1,174, Eric Pearl (UKIP) 741, Kate Struthers (Gn) 161, Moira Kleissner (LD) 133. Maj: 20. Turnout: 54.2%. (L held)

Whitton: Erion Xhaferaj (C) 1,640, Stephen Connelly (L) 1,596, Julie Fletcher (LD) 291. Maj: 44. Turnout: 60.6%. (C gain from L)