Video: New measures to protect green spaces in Kesgrave will be considered – town council chief

Travellers caravans on the site they have set up on a green behind The Farmhouse pub in Kesgrave.

Travellers caravans on the site they have set up on a green behind The Farmhouse pub in Kesgrave.

The chairman of Kesgrave Town Council has said discussions over introducing new measures to protect green spaces will be held amid the ongoing illegal encampment of travellers in the town.

Travellers in Kesgrave

Travellers in Kesgrave - Credit: Archant

Neal Beecroft Smith also insisted staff at the town council have been working “tirelessly” with authorities and will keep residents informed of the latest news.

A group of travellers has been parked on the green space between Cardew Drift and the Farmhouse Pub in Grange Farm since mid-June. Court action to evict them was adjourned this week.

Last night and today, residents have used cars, wheelie bins and farm machinery to block off open pieces of land amid unconfirmed rumours more than 100 travellers will join the existing travellers this weekend.

Reportedly this morning, a church service was held in Kesgrave in which five children from the travellers had their first Holy Communion.

Mr Smith said: Kesgrave Town Council Staff have been working tirelessly dealing with issues surrounding the situation with the travellers and liaising with the relevant authorities responsible for this area, these include Suffolk Coastal District Council and the local police, and updating residents where possible.

“The Millennium Jubilee Hall and car park is on private land, which is leased by Kesgrave Town Council.

“This has been blocked to prevent vehicle access but has not restricted pedestrian access onto the public open space.

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“The town council has no jurisdiction regarding the land where the Travellers are sited.

“All concerns need to be directed to Suffolk Coastal District Council, as the land owners, who are in the process of legal proceedings.

“Kesgrave Town Council will be looking at all areas of land they own, to discuss and

consider what measures can be taken to protect them in the future from similar issues.”