Video: Playford FC strip in plea for new kits

IT is normally a bookable offence.

Whipping your footy shirt off to celebrate a goal will almost certainly result in a yellow card being flashed before your eyes.

But for one team of cash-strapped amateurs, next season may see a flurry of bookings as they face the prospect of playing with no kit – unless a new sponsor comes forward.

Playford FC, who play at Farlingaye, have come up with a creative way to entice a local company to come forward and save them from a chilly winter playing in just their boxers.

The team, led by club captain Richard Jones, have put together a YouTube video revealing their plight to the world in a bid to secure much-needed funds to buy a new kit.

Mr Jones, who plays centre back and came up with the idea, said: “It’s not always easy to find sponsorship these days so we wanted to do something that would make us stand out.

“Our relegation last year certainly wasn’t going to do that so we came up with the idea of a video.

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“It was good fun to make, if slightly odd and hopefully people will enjoy watching it. The main aim though is to secure a sponsor, get a new kit and make sure we don’t have to do anything like this again.”

His brother, team manager and right back, Chris Jones, 30, told the Star the Flowsports Ipswich Sunday Football League players have been in need of a new kit since the start of last season.

He said filming the video was a “lot more fun than we thought it would be just wearing our underwear”.

“The aim is really to set ourselves apart from everyone else out looking for sponsorship,” he said. “With 110 teams in our league alone you have got to give people a bit more fun to get behind.”

Backing the team, club president Simon Goldsmith, who founded Playford FC in 1997, added: “It is sad that it has come to this but hopefully it will really take off and spread.

“I hope a local company sees the potential and the initiative and get behind us.

“We are a good honest team, at the nicer end of the Sunday football league spectrum.”

If you can help contact the club via their website

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