Video: Streakers shock garage cashier

A STUNNED garage cashier was reduced to tears when half a dozen streakers stormed into her shop.

A STUNNED garage cashier was reduced to tears when half a dozen streakers stormed into her shop.

The overwhelmed 22-year-old woman was lost for words and rooted to the spot in horror as the stark-naked teatime jokers, in their early 20s, burst in.

The giggling pranksters, who didn't have a stitch on, were captured on CCTV flicking through porn mags before coolly getting back on their mini-bus and driving off.

The bizarre incident happened at the Texaco garage at Kilmington, near Honiton, Devon, at about 6.40pm last Wednesday.

One cheeky chap even used a mobile phone to film the amazing stunt - thought to have been done for a dare.

The entire surreal episode was caught on CCTV and police are now appealing for people to name the naked mob.

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Kilmington Services manager Gobu Rasalingham today said: “It's quite funny in a way but it's also unacceptable behaviour because it's a public place.”

Mr Rasalingham, who was not there at the time, said his young shop assistant, who didn't want to be named, could only stand and stare as the streakers leafed through X-rated adult magazines.

The horrified cashier finally found her voice and told the laughing punters to go and get dressed or she would refuse to serve them.

Mr Rasalingham said: “She was shocked, frozen and unable to do anything - she was almost crying. She said 'go and put clothes on, otherwise I won't be able to serve you'.

“I don't think they purposely meant to harm anybody."

He added: “Maybe they were on a stag party or it was some sort of outrageous challenge. I would have taken it in a sporting way as long as they didn't do any harm.

“There were no other customers in at the time. But if there had been children or women I would have been harsher with them.”

Furious cops have warned the streakers would be given a good dressing down as they urged them to give themselves up.

Sgt Pete Trudgeon, of Devon & Cornwall Police, alleged that the naked males may have committed an offence under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

He added: “We are seeking to identify these males at the earliest opportunity.”