Video: Three Degrees legend Sheila Ferguson counts down to Ipswich Regent panto Sleeping Beauty with fellow cast members

Wicked Fairy Carabosse - aka Sheila Ferguson - is looking to cast a spell over whoever broke news of her recent knee injury.

“I’ve been explaining that all over the world. I did a secret project for the BBC I can’t talk about. The filming was very arduous – with the x-rays and stuff I couldn’t fly. So I had to stay in Majorca and I flew in yesterday morning,” says The Three Degrees legend, appearing in Sleeping Beauty at the Ipswich Regent.

She’s looking forward to opening night, but not playing the villain.

“I’m usually the Good Fairy and they told me in the car I was going to be booed and I don’t like being booed,” Ferguson laughs.

Isn’t being bad good?

“My actor friends say that, but I didn’t find that when I was coming off stage crying because they were booing me so much. I’m going to do it really well, I’m going to be evil; I can be the bride of Frankenstein easily,” she laughs.

The show, running December 17 to January 2, marks a double first for Ella Gilling, of CBBC’s The Next Step, who is playing the Princess.

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“It’s my first pantomime and, I don’t think I should admit this, I’ve never seen one so it’s a very new experience for me. I’ve done a lot of musicals, shows and plays so I know how to work my way around a script to music numbers so I’m really excited but a bit nervous.”

The pair were joined in town yesterday by cast-mates Wayne Bavin of Town 102 as the King, Mike McLean as the Jester; Any Dream Will Do’s Keith Jack as the Prince and David Phipps-Davis as the Dame to promote the show.

Staged by Enchanted Entertainment, it features a live band, 3D projections, and lots of fun and audience participation. Watch Ferguson in action here and Jack here.

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