Video: Train ploughs through snow

WHEN snow arrives in Britain, roads are quickly grid-locked and airports frozen into submission.

We moan, we grumble and we curse – and for some unfortunate souls there is an overnight stay in the car on a blocked motorway, or on a stranded train.

But today’s amazing video comes from this winter in the United States where heavy snows have blitzed states from west to east.

North Dakota gets its fair share of blizzards – and the roads and rails are often hit.

But they don’t get crippled by the snow – as this video shows.

My correspondent, Paul Dinsdale, who lives in hilly Buxton, Derbyshire, and knows a thing or two about snow, said: “Obviously, in the US, they don’t have ‘the wrong kind of snow” like we get in Britain.

“Doesn’t this just typify the American “can do” approach, as opposed to our own weak, spiritless attitude, these days?”

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